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Purchase of homes to reform in Barcelona

The purchase of homes to reform in Barcelona is common. The floors and houses located in urban environments tend to be older and may have more needs for reform. The buildings begin to be built in the center of the city and as we move away from the suburbs we can find much newer homes. At the time of buying a house, the area is one of the most determining factors and for this reason it is very common to carry out integral or partial reforms after the purchase of a centric house.

However, not everyone can access this type of housing for economic and time reasons. A reform usually consumes a lot of time, especially when we face very old homes that have suffered significant wear and tear over the years. That is why there is a smaller number of people willing to buy this type of housing. However, on the other hand, buying homes in interesting areas are good investments. Normally after reforming a house, we are able to provide it with an added value that is higher than the cost of the renovation, so its final value rises considerably. In addition, buying a home that needs a reform can eminently work as an extra factor to renegotiate the final purchase price with the owner.

Once you have decided to embark on the purchase of a downtown home, you will most likely need advice and a team of specialized professionals to carry out the project successfully. Before executing a work it is necessary to investigate and plan it so that the result is favorable. For example, it is essential to know where the load walls are located inside the building and from there to tear down the partitions and renovate the house starting from scratch.

Our team is specialized in the renovation of old buildings and homes and we offer support at all levels, both in an integral and partial way. The result is a methodology specially designed to provide our clients with solutions adapted to their budget and to provide them with an effective result and in a reasonable time. Some of the areas we work with are:

  • Masonry: Treatment and rehabilitation of ceilings, walls, floors.

  • Carpentry: Construction, installation and repair of structures, wooden beams, laminated wood…

  • Plumbing: Installations of pipes, taps and related complements.

  • Electricity: Facilities, troubleshooting, resource optimization…

  • Acoustic and thermal insulation: Planning and implementation of insulating solutions at all levels. Both in rooms or rooms, as an integral throughout the house.

Our methodology covers all the phases of the process: From the collection of information, the planning of the project, the hiring and bureaucratic processing that can be derived and its execution. If you have agreed to purchase homes to reform in Barcelona do not hesitate to contact our technical team through the contact form on our website and we will immediately study your project, we will offer you a budget and comprehensive advice.