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Reforms of flats and apartments in Barcelona

Our services include the reform of flats and the reform of apartments in Barcelona. We work on both partial and comprehensive reforms in a comprehensive manner. Our method is structured in the following phases:

Forecasting and research phase: The first phase of the process is based on the investigation and collection of data from a first interview with our client. We collect the client’s data and the original configuration of the home (distribution, structure and appearance of the different areas that make it up …). We also obtain information about the needs and objectives set by the client such as the type of decoration you are looking for including the new structure desired and its viability (in case you need to modify the structure of the home), the type of furniture …

Generation of value proposal: Once the documentation phase is closed, our team prepares a precise value proposal adapted to the client’s profile and their home. An itemized and readable budget is developed, including the plans proposed to execute the requested reform. We present our project plan to the client and verify its compliance before proceeding with the execution. We reviewed with him not only the plan but the budget in a detailed way. It includes the tasks to be performed (masonry works, plumbing or electrical installations, carpentry, painting) as well as the resources and materials that will be used during the project.

Signature of the contract: The signing and provision of a contract where the work to be developed is defined is essential for our customers to access our services with the full assurance that it will be developed in accordance with the provisions of the law. Our company has a civil liability insurance as a risk forecast.

After the signing of the contract is developed we begin with the planning phase. We generate definitive plans of new distribution to make sure that the forecasts are perfectly marked. Within this phase we also generate different furniture proposals (if required) and design or decoration of the spaces to be renovated.

Previous administrative procedures and procedures: Before moving on to the execution phase, it is important to process the licenses required to carry out the renovation of a flat in Barcelona. If the home that requires a reform is part of a protected building or for any other reason requires some kind of processing before starting the works, our technical team will take care of everything before proceeding to the execution phase.

Reform phase: Por último la fase de ejecución se desarrolla a partir de nuestro departamento de producción siguiendo las pautas previamente fijadas en el plan de trabajo. Nuestro objetivo es que la Propiedad a restaurar logre obtener el mejor resultado al margen de las limitaciones presupuestarias que puedan existir.

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