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Reforms hotels / hostels Barcelona

Within the services sector, hotels and tourist environments are probably the facilities that have the highest demands and needs at a legal and functional level. As they are multifunctional spaces that are constantly changing, they are subject to a more thorough and methodical maintenance than any other type of installation. In our company we provide comprehensive services in this type of reforms within the legal and technical scope. We cover the whole process, from the contact with the client and the exhaustive study of its facilities, to the planning of the project, the management of the permits or the contracting and execution of the same.

The reforms in hotels and hostels have their own specific methodology that, although it bears a certain similarity with the processes of common reforms, has some additional phases. Its process ranges from the management of the work project, the technical certification as well as the administrative procedure that is derived and that must be supervised by specialized professionals. From our company we take care of all the phases that derive from the execution including the municipal processing and the complete adaptation of the facilities to the current legislation from the processing through ECA.

In any hospitality reform, other obligations arise, such as the adaptation of the spaces to possible incidents that include emergency exits and environments oriented to easy evacuation in case of fires.

Our services are oriented to the design and execution of infrastructure projects and public spaces where the main feature is to provide comfortable experiences for users. Comfort is the main objective behind our projects in the renovation of hostels and hotels. In these types of environments, multinational areas acquire special relevance since the main activity is oriented towards leisure and rest of the guests. This includes spa areas, gyms, different types of areas for rest or mixed stays that alternate leisure and relaxation.

This point is tremendously important when facing the reform of this type of space: We are facing spaces where diversification is the fundamental component together with dynamism and variability. Being an area where very varied and alternative services are offered, it is essential to guarantee a minimum flexibility capable of absorbing the changes that occur within the business.

Within our offer of services we offer support to hotels, resorts, private areas, rural houses, business and leisure fusion areas, commercial areas and multifunctional and diverse tourist spaces. Our work addresses specialties as diverse as plumbing and air conditioning, electricity, home automation, renewable energy, installations of security systems, lighting, acoustic or thermal insulation, masonry…

We work all kinds of reforms, either comprehensive or partial to ensure the rehabilitation of any tourist environment.

If you are interested in rehabilitating a hotel, a hostel or any tourist setting in Barcelona contact our team of professionals through the contact form on our website and we will provide you with specialized advice.