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Reforms of houses / chalets in Barcelona

Over time the houses tend to suffer more wear than a common home. And is that the work of maintenance of the property become the sole responsibility of the owner. This entails constant treatment of the interior and exterior areas of the home and must be supervised by specialized professionals. In addition, having an average surface area superior to the rest of the houses, the reforms tend to be more complex. The distribution changes within the structure are more common as well as all kinds of extensions. These variations directly affect the structure of the home, which makes the process more complex. Therefore, it is essential to have the collaboration of a company that has a highly qualified human and technical team.

In our company we provide specialized services in the integral or partial reform of houses and all types of homes. We cover our projects from start to finish: From the research phase, planning and execution from our team of architects, surveyors and our production department. We have a large number of projects to renovate villas in Barcelona both in full and in part, and our work focuses on masonry, plumbing, architecture, decoration, insulation systems, renovation or replacement of furniture…

When we talk about integral reforms, the complexity of these can lead to complications and headaches. However, thanks to the long trajectory of our team within the sector, we provide our clients with a precise and systematized methodology that will provide great peace of mind and confidence during the entire process. Thanks to the passion of our professionals we are able to solve the most complex issues from a simplified and agile method. By working on all areas of comprehensive reform, our clients take an important weight off and enjoy the process, always contributing their perspective and setting out the objectives and needs of the project.

In the vast majority of cases that partial reforms are required, the owners do not know how to deal with the maintenance tasks that may arise to maintain the quality of the property and its value in the market. If your home needs a rehabilitation at any level, whether it is repairing or replacing boilers, windows, any type of furniture, renovating floors, painting walls or optimizing the level of thermal and acoustic insulation; our company puts at your disposal a wide variety of solutions and approaches. We put our entire network of resources at our clients’ disposal to guarantee optimal results. If you need to carry out reforms of houses or reforms of villas in Barcelona, ​​do not hesitate to contact our team of experts from the contact form on our website. Not only will we offer you a personalized budget, but we will also provide you with advice on all the issues arising from a project to reform your home. We will start from the objectives and needs until the development of a plan capable of addressing the rehabilitation of spaces in an effective way.