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Housing reform in Barcelona

Within our catalog of services, housing reforms are among the most demanded. A house generates all kinds of maintenance needs: From rehabilitation in plumbing, electricity, damage to furniture or architectural structure…

There are many reasons why it is necessary to reform a home. Whether due to maintenance and sanitation issues due to the passage of time, modifications in the daily routine that require functional modifications within the architectural or furniture structure… Reforms are necessary at certain times. We have a long history in which we have generated solutions in all types of homes in Barcelona. From houses to villas, flats or residential complexes. You can take a look at our portfolio of works within our website).

  • Integral reforms: Our company offers our clients a team of specialized technicians to efficiently execute the integral reform of homes and residential complexes. Our staff has very varied profiles that includes plumbers, electricians, painters or masons to materialize all kinds of proposals. Our staff formed by multidisciplinary professionals guarantees the correct implementation within the agreed deadlines.
  • Maintenance services: Our business infrastructure is composed of a solid base of human resources, technical means or materials to provide the best results in comprehensive maintenance of both furniture and facilities. Thanks to our tools and human resources we can work on a flexible and adaptable methodology to the needs of the sector and our customers.
  • Architecture: Our professionals have qualified and specialized profiles capable of offering solutions and comprehensive advice in all phases of the process. This is adaptable to all types of reforms, regardless of their size and whether it is of an integral or partial type.
  • Interior design and design services: The functionality and optimization of spatial and technical resources are accompanied by the creative and aesthetic component. For a reform or rehabilitation project to be effective, it must provide well-being and comfort to the users of the renovated spaces. Our creative team and interior designers will generate the most attractive solution and in tune with the agreed objectives.

Paying attention to the structure of the house to reform our team will develop a proposal and budget the project to then validate it with the client. The result will not only depend on the client’s objectives but also on the initial budget available. Based on the factors and needs extracted from the previous study, we will work on a solution adapted to the economic, functional and aesthetic levels. Once the project is approved, we will process the contract in a document specifying the budget, the duration of the project and all its guarantees.

If you need to reform your home in Barcelona do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists. We will not only provide you with a detailed budget, but also provide advice at all levels. Access the form on our website and in a short space of time we will contact you.