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Integral reforms in Barcelona

We are a company specialized in all kinds of integral reforms in Barcelona. Our range of services covers projects of all magnitudes and we face all kinds of reforms, whether integral or partial. We plan in an extremely precise way all the projects with our clients to guarantee that the agreed objectives are met. Our scope of action extends to all phases of the reform process. We cover both the needs of advice, planning, execution and supervision during the implementation by a multidisciplinary team and specialized in the technical, architectural and decorative.

Our seal is characterized by offering a proposal located in the best quality-price range. Thanks to the optimization of our resources and the design of a strongly competitive structure we can offer affordable prices while maintaining the first qualities both in the technical execution of our services and in the materials with which we work. Our goal is to solve any type of challenge or incident that occurs within any environment to ensure that your home or your facilities adapt to your pace of life.

How we work?

  1. Visit to the client's facilities: After our client asks us for a budget for any type of integral reform, we send a specialized technician to the client's facilities. Our objective will be to know first-hand what are the needs that arise, what are the objectives and also what possibilities the space in question offers us when designing a tailor-made proposal. We will collect information in detail about the characteristics of the home or facilities.

  2. Our proposal: Once we have the necessary information to generate a value proposal, we will design the option that best suits the requirements of our client. In addition, we will offer advice service at different levels, for example on what are the different qualities that we can offer or energy efficiency issues for example.

  3. Closing of the contract: At the moment in which the offer proposed to approach the project is accepted, the transaction will be closed based on a contract. In it we will include information regarding the start and end dates, materials as well as civil liability insurance or any other type of guarantee to provide our customers with maximum peace of mind.

  4. Planning phase: We will design an action plan that will address the tasks to be carried out, the definition of our team involved in the project, proposal of plans as well as annexed information material or the selection of the most appropriate materials to execute the project with total efficiency.

  5. Execution of the project: Once the human actions and tools have been defined as techniques to carry them out, we execute the agreed actions within the established deadline. We supervise the entire process from start to finish in order to evaluate the most accurate expectations and offer the best results.

  6. From our company we offer our customers all our technical and human equipment to ensure integral reforms with perfect finishes and top qualities.