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Reforms of commercial premises in Barcelona

The partial or integral reform of a commercial establishment is essential when a new business is created or when restoration needs arise. This type of reforms are essential to achieve the success of the company.

A good commercial establishment must gather a series of features to guarantee its productivity. The most essential is that it be identifiable. It must contain the personality of the brand and this must be easily associated with the business it represents. For this purpose, both the interior and exterior architecture must contain the aesthetic features of the corporate identity. At the end it is a communication exercise in which the clients must perceive effectively the discourse that the brand intends to launch to the market. In addition, beyond aesthetics, functionality will be a key ingredient. All commercial premises are structured in different spaces or areas with different functions. For example, the exhibition or showcase area will not perform the same functions as the sales area or the box. However, each and every one of the corners of the place must maintain a common discourse and a homogeneous aesthetic to guarantee a practical, cozy and functional result.

The homogeneity will be the key piece during the design process of a local. All zones must have the same capacity to capture the attention of users. For a business to be productive, the business premises will play an essential role and must be in line with the sales and exhibition strategy. To obtain a satisfactory result in the design process we must verify that all products or services are accessible to the end customer and the structure and disposition of the environment provide readability when obtaining information such as prices. At a commercial level, it is much easier to buy something when the product is placed in a pleasant environment with an aesthetic charge. In the end, what we achieve from this is to provide added value to the end point and increase the sales ratio. Working in a commercial establishment that facilitates the purchase and consumption of customers is a resounding success in terms of marketing for the business.

We study and work on all the elements that make up a commercial space: From lettering, shop windows, exterior facade, painting, light, light and plumbing installations or maintenance at all levels.

In our company we are specialized in covering both partial and integral reforms in commercial premises in Barcelona. We cover all phases of the process: from the meeting with the client, the research and assessment of the objectives, as well as the planning and execution of the final project. Thanks to our track record, our technical and human resources are able to offer our clients renovated commercial premises partially or completely. The result? Installations easily recognizable, functional, homogeneous and with the ability to sell.

If you need to reform a commercial premises at an integral or partial level or have more to get in touch with our team of professionals and we will advise you at all levels.