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Reforms of kitchens in Barcelona

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important areas of a house and this is why it has become one of the main points of the home where reforms are made. The objective is usually to modify its distribution, renew its aesthetics, expand it or merge it with other rooms. Our team offers specialized solutions adapted to the needs of each client. The budget of a project to reform a kitchen can vary depending on the final objectives that our client pursues. Depending on the style of cooking you are looking for, you must use a certain type of materials, techniques and professionals. That is why the research phase is essential. Knowing in depth what the client's expectations are helps us to plan in a precise way what are the steps to follow during the execution phase. In addition, other determining factors may also exist in the planning of a reform project, such as the budget available, the structure or the architectural limitations that the space may present. Based on an exhaustive study, our team will generate an offer that will include not only the budget but also the conditions of the project such as the date of execution and the duration of the project, the materials to be used or the guarantees that arise from the contracting of our services.

You can make two types of renovations in a kitchen:

  1. Comprehensive reforms: They involve a longer period of work since the ultimate goal would be to renew it completely. This affects all the elements that make up the room such as the floor, ceilings, tiles, electricity, furniture or electricity. Being an integral process that covers all levels of work requires a greater amount of resources: greater technical, human, material or a higher work period.

  2. Partial reforms: This type of reforms does not cover all levels of the stay and can focus on a specific area. A good example would be the remodeling of the furniture replacing it with a more current solution, although it can also cover only the plumbing or electricity of the room.

From our company we cover the needs that derive from all the components including:

  • Masonry work.
  • Plumbing reforms.
  • Electrical works.
  • Roof reforms
  • I work with aluminum carpentry.
  • Specific furniture for kitchens including countertops and appliances.

Our team offers additional comprehensive advisory services. On many occasions our clients do not have clear objectives, so we offer advisory and supervision services throughout the process to provide results adapted to their rhythm of life. Not all households have the same needs, so not all households require the same type of kitchen. If you need any information to address the reform of your kitchen in Barcelona do not hesitate to contact our specialized professionals.