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Restaurants reforms Barcelona

The reform of restaurants has grown exponentially in Spain during the last years. To face this type of reforms it is necessary to take into account some determining factors. On the one hand the commercial objectives must direct the aesthetic direction of the premises. At present there are three predominant aesthetic currents within the catering sector:

  • Vintage: Your choice has been growing over the years and has become one of the most recurrent trends in the world of restoration. One of the strengths of vintage designs is its eclecticism that allows you to mix totally different furniture within the same environment. This provides a lot of freedom in the design of the spaces.
  • Industrial: In the industrial current, neutral colors such as white, black or gray predominate. These shades are easily combined with wood as the predominant material. The large windows as well as the large tables are also a characteristic feature, as well as the use of metallic materials.
  • Minimalism: This current is characterized by the use of large, open spaces bathed in neutral colors, as well as the creation of highly functional spaces without sacrificing the elegance and homogeneity of the whole.

On the other hand, when developing a reform project in any restaurant, attention must be paid to the regulations and legal conditions that must be met by each of the rooms that make up the business. In our company we specialize in the reform of restaurants paying attention to the regulations established for each point of the premises. For example:

  • Regulations in kitchens: The law requires a series of conditions that must be respected to ensure hygiene within the premises. The walls must be tiled or covered from a waterproof material that allows optimal hygiene. In addition, the floor must be non-slip as well as waterproof. In addition, proper ventilation must be ensured from ventilation openings protected from anti-insect mesh and the drains should also be protected with grilles. Finally, it must have hot and cold water supply.
  • Regulations in Bathrooms: Must have a ventilation either natural artificial. On the other hand, they must have hot and cold water supply and must be isolated by an anteroom from the rest of the restaurant.

In our company we cover the entire restaurant reform process in Barcelona, whether partial or integral. For this we work all the phases of the process: From the investigation and contact with the clients, as well as the planning and execution of the reform project. We work hand in hand with our clients so that their premises are an extension of the identity of their businesses. The result is a commercial impulse in the volume of sales and an increase in the final value in the product.

If your restaurant needs a reform do not hesitate to contact our specialized team and we will take care not only to execute the project, but also to advise and supervise the entire process at all levels.